Information for non-Dutch Visitors

Non-Dutch readers of the website can translate the website in their own language.


PC users and Android users can install Google Chrome.

  • Open Chrome on your computer
  • Click More Settings at the top right.
  • Click Advanced at the bottom.
  • Under Languages, click Language.
  • Check or uncheck the box 'Offer to translate pages that are in a language you do not know'.


IOS-users (Iphone and Ipad)

Install the Microsoft Translator app and open Safari. Tap the sub-menu to recognize the square with the up arrow and swipe left in the bottom row of icons. If you can not find the Microsoft Translator extension, tap the More button and enable 'Microsoft Translator'. Confirm with 'Done', then you can drag the extension to a desired position.

Translating websites with Microsoft Translator

  • Open Safari and navigate to a website that you want to translate
  • Tap the share menu (square with the arrow up)
  • Look for the translator icon in the bottom row of icons
  • Tap to translate website


Use Microsoft Translator to translate web pages

Immediately the web page is translated, by default this is English or the language in which your iPhone is set up. If this is not the correct language then you can adjust this in the Microsoft Translator app. Open the app, tap the gear and navigate to 'Safari translation language'. Choose a desired language and confirm by returning and tapping 'Done'. From then on, the app will use this language when translating web pages into Safari.